What's at stake?

An Independence from short-term price volatily in crypto!
Forget short-term
price swings

Short term price swing scare people off. Crypto-like price swings are hardly seen in the conventional capital markets.

Harness emotions

Emotions when it comes to money drive people to make irrational decisions. Avoid natural-born biases whet it comes to invesing.

Long-term holdings

Buffet kept long-term and got rich.
Why can't you?

What's in it for me?

Emotions under control

Set your investment goals and stick to it. Be protected from your emotions in short term price volatility with your crypto holdings.

Free of charge

We don't charge any fees for your deposit. You can set the blockchain smart contract paying only for gas fees on Etherum network.

Secured by blockchain smart contract

Your deposits will be secured on the Ethereum network. Keep your assets secured from any government interference. We also have no access to your deposit.


Save your money in the form of a smart contract for your future need (like a piggy bank) or your kids.

Simple app, but powerful solution

Deposit crypto (or buy with fiat money) into the smart contract with respect to the targeted date or/and targeted price for crypto withdrawal. Your crypto will be secured on the blockchain, free from your emotions, government interference, etc...

No more asking 'what if, any I kept my crypto longer'
Connect wallet

Connect your wallet with your crypto assets and deposit it on blockchain swart contract.

Deposit crypto with credit card payment

Buy new crypto with fiat money via credit card.

Preview performance

Monitor your portfolio performance and all the deposits on a transparent dashboard.

Expand deposits

Add crypto to your existing deposits.

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